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Solar rebate and savings

Solar Rebates to be phased out from Jan 1st

Here's the truth about the Solar Rebates being phased out next year. You can expect to see a lot of ...
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solar installation costs

Solar Installation Costs – What Should You Pay?

What Should You Pay for Your Solar Installation Costs Prior To Installation? Having looked around and taken some feedback on ...
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Energex Attack on The Solar Feed-In-Tariff

New Attack on The Solar Feed In Tariff

Energex once again levels its sights on Queensland Solar homeowners and the solar feed in tariff The Courier-Mail last weekend ...
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Origin Calls for Solar Maintenance Programs

Recently we came across this interesting article where Origin Calls for Solar Maintenance Programs with a proper CEC qualified inspection ...
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Solar Micro-Inverters: Efficiency vs Sizing

It is with great interest we at the QSA are starting to see the questions of Solar Micro-Inverters vs String ...
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Qld house with solar panels

What Is The Average Cost Of A Solar Installation?

Hello and Happy New Year from the team at QSA. Our apologies for being away for an extended period of ...
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Seraphim Solar Panel Review

Seraphim Solar Panel Review

No matter which solar company sales representative you invite into your home one thing is true of all of them, ...
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Solar Installations Queensland

The top 20 actions to make the most of your solar power system

The activities on this list to make the most of your solar power system, apply to those who have fitted ...
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Australia solar power

Australia’s rooftop PV capacity tops 3GW

Australia has passed through another significant solar milestone, as the rooftop PV Capacity tops 3GW this month. Queensland nudged the ...
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Trina Solar Panels

China’s Trina Solar posts first profit in nine quarters

REUTERS - Trina Solar Ltd (TSL.N) swung to a profit after eight straight quarters of losses, highlighting a broad recovery ...
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Solar Cell Developments

Spectrolab Solar Cell Developments for the Future

Spectrolab solar cell achieves 38.8% conversion efficiency without concentration Spectrolab Solar Cell Developments for the future.  20.11.2013: US solar technology ...
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Australia installed rooftop PV capacity

Australia’s rooftop PV capacity tops 2.9 GW at the end of October

Australia had reached a cumulative installed rooftop PV capacity of 2,960 MW as of October 31, 2013. Australia registered 517 ...
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Solar panel manufacturer Tier rankings

Solar Company Tierism What Is It?

You will often hear people talking about a Tier 1 Solar panel or Tier 1 Solar Company.  Which brings us ...
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Qld Solar Panels

What to look for when purchasing a Solar Power System?

So you have decided to take the plunge and invest in Solar. Without doubt, our most popular question so far ...
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Commercial solar panels

The best time to buy a solar power system

With the falling Aussie dollar making future solar panels and inverters, more expensive to import and most of the solar ...
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Qld Solar Panels - Election

What is the future of the government’s STC Rebate?

With an election looming and the two main parties at war, it could prove a very interesting or a very ...
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