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Origin Calls for Solar Maintenance Programs

solar-maintenanceRecently we came across this interesting article where Origin Calls for Solar Maintenance Programs with a proper CEC qualified inspection. However they go as far as saying the Solar model is broken, which we find rather interesting given that Origin have one of the WORST reputations regarding their solar system installations. You can read the full article here:

The current discussion on rooftop isolators is one we are happy to wade in upon. The current installation regulations state that an isolation switch must be fitted to both the roof and next to the inverter on each string. The problem is that the isolator fitted on the roof then becomes subject to all the weather the Australian climate can throw against it. With a few companies and notably the sub-contractors having used cheaper sub-standard isolators to cut costs in the past this has opened up the problem of rooftop fires. All sub-standard isolators have been hit with a recall and replace instruction but so many of the small operators who fitted them have now gone out of business, so there are a few potential disasters in the making waiting to go off.

The removal of the roof mounted DC isolator from the system is one we would back as it’s an extra connection point that can lead to the very problem it’s designed to counter.

Origin are now calling for all systems to be maintained with a proper CEC qualified inspection on at least an annual basis. For once we are in agreement with Origin and the CEC on this point. A solar system is like a car in this respect, as its designed to keep going for at least 25 years, but requires at least an annual service to clean the panels and check all the component parts for weathering and deterioration.

Further to this, with Origin being an overseas owned company taking its profits out of Australia and not paying any tax as well as operating this way we are loathe to recommend them to any of our readers.

Further to the above we believe, any house going on the market with a solar system should have this done and all details of warranties and components plus the installation company should be provided as a legal requirement. Want to know what is required in maintaining a Solar Power System? Click below and one of our experienced team will be happy to answer all your solar related questions!

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