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  1. hi I have installed solar via cando solar a Brisbane company installed in my Rockhampton house, good job but left my power meter box in a bad way had to call ergon energy they were so helpful they sent a electrician and found the meter box was smouldering at the back very dangerous,have tried to get cando to fix it on numerous times but always get the run around I would hate to require warranty work of these guys,what is the best way to deal with this company?they seem very dodgy.

    1. The office of fair trading would be the best avenue to pursue them with if they are failing to respond to you. It also never hurts to out them on these pages and through social media. I’d advise keeping any posts similar to the above, based on the facts and that you remain open to them resolving the situation, then see how long they take to reply after you email them a copy of the draft.

    1. we are not a solar company nor do we collect leads for them. Please post your question and we will be happy to advise on it. For solar quotes we always advise you seek a minimum of 3 companies to quote you with at least a 5 year history of operation. Solar Compare magazine lists a number of reputable companies and on our recent investigation (we trialled 6 solar companies to quote on 4 different properties) we liked SAE group and Infinity Solar.

  2. I saw you had a ebook coming out soon.

    I would be interested to see how it compares to Solar on my Roof.
    The website I used in this reply, has information on how to make affiliate income selling the ebook.

    It has been written with the Australian situation in mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Happy to recommend Seraphim panels with their multiple TUV stamp passes and Thresher Test Certification, for 10 kW we presume you are on 3 phase power so with the likelihood of connecting to batteries later we would recommend either the ABB Aurora or SMA inverters with an RS485 communication card that will allow connection to a third party battery management unit at a later date when they come down in price.

  3. Hi, we are a fully licensed and CEC accredited solar installation and electrical contacting business on the Gold Coast. We have installed thousands of solar systems. We are highly experienced and offer high quality solar installations, including back up support with electrical installation work. QLD Electrical Contractors Lic No. 72832 and also licensed in NSW. Infinite Lighting & Electrical Pty Ltd. Full CEC Accreditation.
    I am wondering how we add our company name, CEC Accredited installers and how we have our company added to your Solar Power Companies list as discussed above. We meet your criteria as stated above.
    With thanks Scott Williams Mob 0431 790 443

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