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Hello and welcome to the Queensland Solar Advisor, (QSA), we are a completely Queensland Solar Advisor Panelsindependent site aiming to pass on relevant information to people who both have a solar power system and those who are considering adding a solar power system (i.e. everybody else). We have come a long way in a short few years regarding solar here in Australia and especially in Queensland, “The Sunshine State”, mostly because we’ve accepted the technology being produced in Germany and built in China like everyone else.

We here at the QSA would love to see more home based development of decent solar products and we will be sure to bring any we hear of to your attention. Meanwhile we will be happy to look at what’s being sold and to let you know what we think of it, that means if something we find out there doesn’t come up to scratch we will also let you know. Please feel free to pop us a line and ask any questions you may have, as we will be featuring articles written by people in the industry in the coming weeks and months.

When we say we are independent that means we are not sponsored by any organisation, nor do we charge a fee for the referral of interested parties we put in contact with each other through this site, we simply aim to give out relevant information regarding anything to do with the solar power industry. You can favourite our site and keep coming back for more or simply sign up and we will deliver each article directly to your email inbox for as long as you require us to do so. We hope you will come back and visit us on a regular basis though and we look forward to answering your questions and helping to solve your problems.

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